Louis Claridge

Computing Student - University Of Plymouth

About Me

I am a Computing Student @ University of Plymouth.

I'm currently working on the student and mentor networking site Industrybuddies managing the hosting and networking required to run the project effectively.

I've been programming for about 4 years and love getting into a new project or language, i am currently in my 2nd year of university.

What can i do?


I'm fairly new to desktop based languages however i'm working hard to master them, my current experience includes C#, Python and Java


I have alot of experience in web developement languages, having built many websites during school and college projects. I am proficent in html and css, aswell as ASP.net. Also i have some experience in JS and PHP (which this website was partly build in)

Server Management

I have quite a bit of experience in Server Management in both windows and linux enviroments having worked with servers on and off for about 4 Years. This website is currently run on a windows server enviroment. Dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding server setup and management!